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ClearView - Single Wavelength Portable Handheld Fluorescence Imaging
FluorVivo 100 - Single Wavelength Fluorescence Imaging
FluorVivo 300 - Three Wavelength Fluorescence Imaging
FluorVivo Mag - Fluorescence Imaging with Magnification
FluorVivo Pathfinder - Fluorescence-guided surgery for small and large animals
List of FluorVivo Probes that can be used in the 100/300/Mag

INDEC BioSystems proudly announces FluorVivo to the market. FluorVivo™ is a complete, turn-key system for quantitative fluorescence imaging of small animals in vivo.

  • Tissues are selectively induced to express fluorophores such as GFP or RFP
  • FluorVivo’s stable light source excites those fluorophores in situ
  • FluoVivo’s digital camera (color or monochrome) collects emission images
  • The imaging is noninvasive and high resolution (megapixel)
  • FluorVivo software measures sizes of structures and quantifies intensities
  • Complete reporting and data archival facilities are built into the system

  • Applications
  • Fluorescence screening of small animals with expressed fluorescent markers
  • Tumor and metastasis burden assessment
  • Drug efficacy testing
  • Pharmacokinetics of internalized substances
  • Quantitative measurement of fluorescent objects, e.g. tumor burden
  • Continuous or time lapse monitoring

  • Benefits
  • Fast, uncomplicated acquisition of fluorescence images
  • Easy-to-use, powerful visualization tools help you separate object from autofluorescence background
  • Area and length calibration
  • Data archival allows adding new data as experiments progress over days or weeks
  • Date and time stamping allows as-you-go analysis
  • Affordable low-end system
  • FluorVivo image data can further analyzed and visualized in Power Analysis Station, the INDEC BioSystems software with a superset of analysis features.
  • FluorVivo is one of INDEC BioSystems family of products for acquisition and analysis of images for live cells and animals

  • Components
  • Digital camera (monochrome or color models available)
  • Dark chamber
  • Fluorescence excitation source
  • Computer (optional)
  • Image acquisition and analysis software

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FluorVivo™ Overview (pdf)
ClearView™ Brochure (pdf)
ClearView™ 800 Brochure (pdf)
FluorVivo™ 100 Brochure (pdf)
FluorVivo™ 300 Brochure (pdf)
FluorVivo Mag™ Brochure (pdf)
FluorVivo Pathfinder™ Brochure
Acquired Image
FluorVivo system and acquired image
Specimen and Image
FluorVivo system (note chamber door open and fluorescent specimen)
Image analysis
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