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FluorVivo™ 300

The FluorVivo 300 is one of INDEC BioSystems' family of next generation in vivo imaging solutions. Developed by INDEC BioSystems, the FluorVivo 300 provides simple, fast, non-invasive whole body fluorescence in vivo imaging. FluorVivo 300 brings powerful imaging and analysis capabilities to a broad range of laboratories, ranging from basic research to pre-clinical drug evaluation and screening.

FluorVivo is a personal instrument that complements your current fluorescence instruments and is available at a fraction of the cost of other in vivo imaging systems. FluorVivo's modularity means you can always elect to add useful options to the system to upgrade or adapt it to new experimental requirements. FluorVivo brings the power of in vivo imaging and analysis both to core facilities and the individual laboratory.

The Model 300 has all the capabilities of the Model 100 but allows three alternative probes to be imaged, selectable from CFP and GFP out to ICG in the NIR (see the list overleaf). Switching between probes is simply accomplished via software setting and manually moving a slider. Choose the fluorophores you wish to use, and we will configure the Model 300 for optimum results. (FluorVivo Probe List).

    Essential and Unique Features of the Model 300
  • In vivo fluorescence imaging for your choice of three probes (FluorVivo Probe List)
  • When used for GFP, it is optimized for simultaneous imaging (in a single exposure) of both GFP and RFP
  • Real time multicolor imaging ? images are in full color
  • Live video imaging and recording ? perfect for fluorescence surgery applications
  • Your choice of camera ? choose between different image size, speed and sensitivity
  • Quantitative ? manual and automated analysis capabilities included
  • A complete, turn-key system with the lowest cost of ownership on the market

Applications include live animal screening, fluorescence-guided surgery, dynamic imaging, tumor growth, angiogenesis, stem cell research, and validation of animal models.

    Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Software
  • Intuitive control of acquisition parameters
  • Quantitative image analysis: spatial and intensity measurements, manual and automated
  • Export images, measurements to standard formats
  • Simple to learn, easy to use

  • The Advantages of Fluorescence Imaging
    In vivo fluorescence imaging techniques offer significant benefits when compared with bioluminescence methods:
  • Speed ? Real-time imaging so fast that anesthesia is not required; each acquisition takes only a fraction of a second
  • Economy ? new low price point, no maintenance cost
  • Flexibility ? genetic control of expression of multiple, distinct fluorescent proteins permit almost unlimited experimental possibilities
  • Future prospects ? will take optimal advantage of new markers (e.g. new fluorescent proteins, quantum dots)

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FluorVivo™ 300 Brochure (pdf)
Acquired Image
FluorVivo 300 System
Specimen and Image
DsRed2-labeled orthotopic pancreatic tumor
Metastatic orthotopic liver tumor
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