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FluorVivo™ Mag

FluorVivo Mag is a new member of INDEC BioSystems' family of in vivo imaging solutions. Developed by INDEC BioSystems, FluorVivo Mag combines a commercially available stereo microscope with INDEC's proprietary digital color camera and software. The Mag brings fast and simple digital imaging to a critical range of magnifications, ranging from the subcellular to the whole animal. This makes the Mag an ideal instrument for examining the interplay between cells and their systemic contexts.

By capturing the key features of systems costing over ten times as much, FluorVivo Mag brings powerful imaging and analytical capabilities to a broad range of applications, such as developmental, cancer and regenerative biology.

Synergy with FluorVivo Macroscopic Imaging Systems
As part of the FluorVivo family of imaging systems, FluorVivo Mag can be easily combined on a single PC with other FluorVivo products, providing the most cost-effective macroscopic-to-microscopic imaging system available. This also provides an opportunity for labs to assemble a completely integrated in vivo imaging system in stages, buying additional FluorVivo systems as the need arises. Customers can be confident their investment will be protected, as they can extend their FluorVivo system as their experimental demands change.

    Essential and Unique Features of the Mag
  • Easy in vivo fluorescence imaging from microscopic to macroscopic scales, taking full advantage of the microscope zoom capability
  • The Mag can be used on any stereo or dissection microscope, even if it does not have a camera port
  • When used for GFP, it is optimized for simultaneous imaging (in a single exposure) of both GFP and RFP
  • Real time, multicolor imaging - images are in full color
  • Live video imaging and recording - perfect for fluorescence surgical applications
  • Quantitative - manual and automated analysis capabilities included
  • A complete, turn-key system with the lowest cost of ownership on the market

Applications in basic research include studies of gene expression, stem cell and developmental biology. Applications specific to cancer research include apoptosis, tumor growth, and angiogenesis, extravasation, and metastasis. Pre-clinical applications include drug screenings, drug targeting, and validation of animal models.

    Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Software
  • Intuitive control of acquisition parameters
  • Quantitative image analysis: spatial and intensity measurements, manual and automated
  • Export images, measurements to standard formats
  • Simple to learn, easy to use

The Advantages of Fluorescence Imaging
In vivo fluorescence imaging techniques offer significant benefits when compared with bioluminescence methods:
  • Speed - Real-time imaging so fast that anesthesia is not required; each acquisition takes only a fraction of a second
  • Economy - new low price point, no maintenance cost
  • Flexibility - genetic control of expression of multiple, distinct fluorescent proteins permit almost unlimited experimental possibilities
  • Future prospects - will take optimal advantage of new markers (e.g. new fluorescent proteins, quantum dots)

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FluorVivo Mag™ Brochure (pdf)
FluorVivo Mag
FluorVivo system with Microscope
FluorVivo Mag
Dual Labeled Single Cells in a Lymph Vessel
Dual Labeled Specimen
Dual-labeled (GFP, RFP) HT1080 (human fibrosarcoma) cells adherent in in vivo mouse vein.
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