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Orca Flash 4.0 v3 now supported with IW 6.1
We are pleased to announce support for the new camera from Hamamatsu (Orca Flash 4.0 v3) with Imaging Workbench 6.1.
NEW Windows 10 support
IW 6.1 now supports Microsoft Windows 10
INDEC Introduces Our YouTube Channel
Please visit our new YouTube channel for some exciting information and videos about our pre-clinical imaging solutions! CLICK HERE for INDEC BioSystems YouTube channel!
INDEC Introduces ClearView 800
ClearView 800 is the first nIR (800nm) ultra-low cost portable fluorescent imaging system. ClearView 800 achieves incredible ICG fluorescent imaging results comparable to high price competitors at a fraction of the cost. Please CLICK HERE for further information.
INDEC releases FluorVivo v. 3.0
Version 3.0 includes our new fluorescent/white light merged display, new flexible pseudo coloring of images and improvements for easier acquisition of images.
INDEC releases FluorVivo v. 2.3
Version 2.3 includes support for Windows 10 along with an improved user interface for easier image acquisition.
INDEC releases FluorVivo v. 2.2
Version 2.2 includes new support for Unicode characters as well as support for Windows 8 compatibility.
INDEC Introduces Our Second Generation Pathfinder System
Our new second generation Open Chamber Fluorescence Imaging System for small and large animals, provides multicolor images at high rates, while displaying full sized images that update smoothly and rapidly. The open chamber allows interaction with the animal while imaging, and the high frame rate enables the fluid hand-eye coordination required in surgical applications. For more information CLICK HERE!
INDEC Introduces QuickView feature
INDEC BioSystems' new QuickView capability will change your screening workflow and create a new time and cost savings approach. For more information CLICK HERE!
Announcing BioLiberator software
Eliminate wasted time searching for your images - BioLiberator is a new application option for FluorVivo that provides the capability to store, search and retrieve all your FluorVivo images. For more information CLICK HERE!

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